Management of Social Media Content - CPCScotland policy

This policy provides some guidance on how we manage content on social media sites representing Child Protection Scotland. Child Protection Scotland is the social media identity of Child Protection Committees Scotland (CPCScotland). CPCScotland is the body that represents the collective of Scotland’s Child Protection Committees plus partner organisations. We are committed to keeping children and young people safe from harm, abuse and neglect.

When it comes to our digital presence, we encourage comments and dialogue, and appreciate the time that our readers and followers spend sharing ideas and giving feedback. However, given the sensitive nature of child protection work, we ask that that followers of our social media streams leave comments which are both respectful and useful.

While we want to encourage as many comments as possible and always aim to represent a wide range of views, the types of comments described below are not acceptable and we reserve the right to remove any such comments from our social media streams. In extreme cases where an individual repeatedly breaches this guidance we reserve the right to block that individual from making further comments.

  • Harassing comments
    While conversation and the sharing of different ideas is encouraged, all comments need to be respectful towards our contributors and those leaving comments
  • Abusive comments
    Comments which contain abusive or offensive language
  • Anonymous comments
    We only accept comments from people who identify themselves
  • Discouraging comments
    Comments which we feel may actively discourage the appropriate reporting of child abuse and/or neglect
  • Promotional comments
    If a comment is solely promotional in nature, we will remove it from the site