About us

Child Protection Committees Scotland (CPCScotland) is a national grouping of professionals who work together to improve the protection of children in Scotland.

Everyone in the group is involved in child protection work, supporting Scotland’s 30 local child protection committees. People involved in our group and on local child protection committees come from diverse organisations including social work, health, education, the police, children’s charities, housing and the emergency services.

Children themselves have told us that “it’s everyone’s job to make sure I’m all right”, and an important part of CPCScotland’s remit is to raise public awareness of what child protection actually is. When CPCScotland talks about child protection we mean helping to keep children safe from abuse, neglect, exploitation, harm and anything else that puts them at risk.

As a group, CPCScotland aims to provide jargon-free definitions of child abuse and neglect. We also hope to raise understanding that child protection is not just about babies, but can affect children and young people of all ages and backgrounds.

We have a role to explain the complexities of child protection and legal systems, and some of the challenges being faced by child protection professionals. We also seek to emphasise the good work already being done by agencies, organisations and staff across the country to protect children at risk.

We believe that child protection requires collective effort and is not restricted to official organisations and the law – individuals and communities can also play a significant role protecting children from harm. As such, we use every possible opportunity to explain why each and every one of us has a responsibility to keep Scotland’s children safe.

You can download our media pack, press releases, campaign briefing notes and reports from our Publications page


You can contact Child Protection Scotland by email admin@childprotection.scot

However, please be aware that The Child Protection Scotland mailbox is unmonitored and not the right place to report concerns about a child.

If you’re worried about a child or children please use our Get Help page to contact your local authority’s social work department, or call the police on 101.

If you think a child may be in immediate danger you should call the police on 999 right away.