Many children in Scotland experience abuse on a daily basis. Child abuse can take the form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse - or a combination of all three

It can also come in the form of neglect, exploitation, harm and anything else that puts children at risk.

Child protection is not just about babies, abuse happens to children and young people of all ages and all backgrounds. Abuse is carried out by adults but also by other children, and it can happen in person and online.

If you are concerned about a child’s welfare you can call your local council’s social work department or the police on 101.

If you think a child might be in immediate danger you should contact the police right away by dialling 999.

Child abuse is never acceptable, for any reason.

All forms of child abuse can have damaging and long-lasting consequences, but children can recover from abuse. All children have the right to be protected from abuse, and it can be prevented.

If you are worried about a child, it’s better to say something than do nothing – remember, everyone has a responsibility to keep children safe from harm.