COVID-19 Guidance

With the closure of schools and nurseries during the Covid-19 crisis, Child Protection Scotland is urging everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for children who may be at risk during this time.

Who we are

Child Protection Committees Scotland (CPCScotland) is a national grouping of professionals who work together to improve the protection of children in Scotland.

It is everyone‘s responsibility

Every child in Scotland has the right to be kept safe from abuse, neglect, exploitation and any other kind of harm that puts them at risk.

Not all types of abuse are visible

The Child Protection Scotland website explains different kinds of child abuse, and what to do if you’re worried about a child or children.

Worried about a child?

If you’re concerned about a child, it’s better to say something than do nothing – it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect children from harm.

Find local help near you

Individuals and local communities can play huge part in protecting children, by supporting the great work already being done by professionals, official organisations, the police and the law.