#speakup if you need some help

Things have been very tough for children and young people in recent times, but for some, life can be very difficult indeed.

Some children will put on a happy face, or hide how they’re feeling, even when they are being neglected or abused at home, or by someone else.

If you’re a young person who is being harmed or not looked after properly, or if you’re worried about a friend, it’s very important to ask for some help.

It can be really scary to speak up, but try and talk to an adult you trust. That might be a teacher, another member of your family, a friend’s mum or dad, or a youth worker.

You can also contact Childline – it’s a free and confidential helpline.

If you’re frightened, you can always ask a friend to help you – it’s always better to #speakup

The #speakupcampaign was co-designed by Child Protection Scotland and three groups of young people across Scotland – Aileymill Primary School in Greenock, The Angus Promise Group and Aberdeenshire Council’s Pupil Participation Forum.